FAA Seeks Comments on Updated Weather Advisory Circulars

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

The FAA is seeking comments on two draft advisory circulars (ACs), AC 00-45H and AC 00-6B, that update the agency’s reference material on aviation weather.  The new drafts would replace weather guidance dating to 1943.  The weather guidance was completely rewritten in 1975, and updated again in 2015.

“Basic weather science has not changed significantly since 1975.  However, new capabilities now necessitate the incorporation of new science. In 1975, aviation users were not directly touched by radar and satellite weather.  In 2015, much of what a pilot understands about the current atmosphere comes from these ubiquitous data sources,” the FAA said.

To review the new documents and submit comments by January 20, visit this page on the FAA website, where the individual email and mailing addresses for sending comments on the drafts are provided.