iFlightPlanner Introduces New Membership Tiers

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

In conjunction with AOPA's announcement of the customized version of iFlightPlanner now available to its members free of charge, iFlightPlanner has revised its available membership tiers.

Most notably is the introduction of iFlightPlanner Core, a set of essential flight planning tools with integrated web and iOS capabilities for $49.99/year.  Pilots flying with iFlightPlanner Core have access to interactive route planning with graphical weather overlays, the ability to retrieve certified weather briefs from Leidos Flight Service/1800WXBRIEF, and flight plan filing from any internet-connected device.  With wireless 2-way sync between iFlightPlanner for iPad and iFlightPlanner for iPhone, iFlightPlanner Core members can take their planning on the go with GPS moving map functionality for a true electronic flight bag (EFB) experience.


Enhanced functionality previously available through iFlightPlanner Premium and iFlightPlanner Premium Plus have been combined into a single iFlightPlanner Premium membership for $99.99/year.  Lead by multi-leg flight and fuel planning capabilities, an integrated weight & balance caluculator, pilot logbook, and georeferenced airport diagrams and instrument procedures in iFlightPlanner for iPad and iFlightPlanner for iPhone, iFlightPlanner's top-level membership is now more affordable than ever!

What's happening to my iFlightPlanner membership?

iFlightPlanner Free members now have access to iFlightPlanner Core, free for 60 days!

iFlightPlanner Premium members now have access to features previously reserved for iFlightPlanner Premium Plus members!

iFlightPlanner Premium Plus members now have access to all the features they've come to know and trust for less than $100/year!

iFlightPlanner's freely available charts interface with basic route planning will continue to be available at iFlightPlanner.com/AviationCharts.  Pilots who wish to upgrade their flight planning experience with iFlightPlanner Core or iFlightPlanner Premium may do so HERE, with AOPA members saving 20% on all annual memberships.

Current iFlightPlanner members with questions about their individual membership are encouraged to contact the iFlightPlanner Crew directly by clicking HERE.