Aviation Consumer Wants to Know, Avgas vs. Mogas?

Monday, August 19, 2013 @ 8:00 AM

As the quest for a replacement for 100LL drags into its third decade, Aviation Consumer, is seeking opinions from owners, pilots and aircraft operators on how you think the process is going.  The FAA has established a special office devoted to a replacement for 100LL and piston fuels in general.  They would like to know if you've followed the process and, if so, what you think of it.

And what what about mogas? In some cases, it's $2 cheaper than avgas. Are you using it?  If so, what are your experiences and if you haven't used it, why not? You can take the 5-minute survey by clicking here.

We'll compile the results and compare them to the same questions we asked two years ago.

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