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East Greenville, Pennsylvania
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane
High Performance
Tail Wheel

About Gary

I'm a professional pilot, aircraft owner and CFI in Eastern Pennsylvania who specializes in one on one, quality flight training.

I work with a limited number of pilots, focusing on the skills needed to get the most utility from your aircraft. I pick up where basic flight instruction left off, improving your basic aircraft control and confidence. The flight schools do a good job getting you a pilot certificate, but don't cover anything outside the basic FAA test subjects. If you've ever felt apprehensive about using your aircraft when the wind kicks up, going into challenging short runways or traveling outside your home area, you're not alone! Most pilots face these challenges when they start trying to use an aircraft for travel.

I evaluate your experience and aircraft, then create a plan of instruction based on how you fly. We re-evaluate everything from your checklists and SOP's to basic landings and stalls. Check out my website for pics and news at http://pa-flight-in


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