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Hello. I think we've all observed chart areas that overlap inconveniently, sometimes preventing information from being seen. A good example is KLBE, Arnold Palmer Regional, where the Cincinnati sectional overlays the southern edge of the Detroit sectional, and thus omits the data block for the airport.

Is there any way to resolve this? If not automatically, perhaps by giving the user the option of displaying only one chart at a time (including margins, which could be helpful all by itself) or perhaps by allowing the user to select which chart is "on top", and thus which information gets obscured? (Or maybe there's an existing option I just haven't found yet?)

Thanks for a great site!
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Thanks for your post!

The overlapping is an unfortunate byproduct of how the FAA produces the charts. We receive the Sectional chart as individual images from the FAA every 28 days. In addition, the Sectional charts are updated on staggered timelines (only 6-8 of the ~40 Sectionals are updated every cycle). Each cycle, we update the chart sequence to ensure that the most recently updated charts are on top when one or more charts overlap, which means that data in a chart that was updated longer ago may be hidden by an overlapping chart. Which chart is "on top" is determined during the process that creates the image tiles you see in your browser, so it's not something we could add as a "real-time" option while you're viewing the charts.

The FAA has indicated at different points they intend to eventually provide one, seamless image that would eliminate this issue. However, we have no definitive timeline on when that would be, if it does happen.

The only potential solution at this time is to build a process that would generate a separate image tile set for each Sectional chart. We would need to add that option to our website maps interface so that you could switch between individual charts. We have had some requests for this option both to address the overlapping issue and so that members could see the white borders and legends of the Sectional charts. I will add your vote to that feature request. As always, the features with the most "votes" rise to the top of our priority list!
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John Burnside
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