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Be aware that there are people 'looking' for flight training and wanting to 'pay in advance' ...

Then it becomes the standard Nigerian scam

I had a guy sending me emails to this site saying he was a US national living in the UK - he could not write decent English! mmm
The whole focus was on upfront payment - who knows where it was going next - I referred him to larger school, but he insisted...
Here is his email - smithdavidson@superposta.com and I have had smithdavid@superposta.com
Take care
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Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews
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Thank you for the update Graeme! We're keeping a close eye on this and are encouraging our CFIs to use their best judgement when responding to messages from prospective pilots, just as they would any other 'suspicious' email.

While there's little we can do if a real human takes the time to send a message, we appreciate you taking the time to share this with us (and other iFlightPlanner members) who might experience similar activity.

We take our members' privacy very seriously and will not tolerate any abuse of our "Contact a CFI" messaging service that is intended to be an asset to you!

Andy Matthews
Co-Founder, Director of Business Development
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