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I fly out of KHYI San Marcos Regional airport on a regular basis. Unfortunately there are 2 airports in the database KHYI San Marcos Regional San Marcos, TX AND KHYI San Marcos Muni Austin, TX They are both the same airport, but the KHYI San Marcos Muni wont show any of the approach plates or airport diagram. Every time I build a flight plan even though I select KHYI San Marcos Regional, the flight plan always defaults to the KHYI San Marcos Muni. I think that the KHYI San Marcos Muni needs to be removed as it continues to impact with the database.


Daniel Greer
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Thanks for your post, Daniel! We have reviewed our airport data and removed the extra entry for KHYI. It appears the FAA created a new entry for KHYI in their official airport database rather than updating the existing entry, causing the duplicate. Please let us know if can help further!
edited by John Burnside on 12/12/2016

John Burnside
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