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The system does not recognize 3-letter airport codes in the Custom Routing field (it does recognize them in the From or To fields), either when entered manually, or selected from the chart (using right-click).

For example, try creating a route From: 8NC8 To: KXSA, and the enter LVL and W96 in the custom routing field. "W96" is left off both the chart and the navigation log.

Next, right-click on the chart around W96 (directly east of Richmond), and select View Nearby Airports/NavAids. You'll see W96 in the list ... you can select it and it appears to add to the chart. However, when you save your changes it is left off the chart although and NavLog ... although it is appended to the Custom Routing list.

I tried using KW96 in the Custom Routing field as I recall that might have worked in the past but no joy. I ended up selecting it off the chart as a GPS coordinate as a work around, but wanted to pass this along.

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