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Would be nice to be able to name user waypoints. And it would really be extra neat if you could print a summary kneeboard of the airport AF/D en route with just ICAO Identifier, Radio Freqs, runways, and pattern altitude/direction
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Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews
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Good morning! The ability to save and name your custom waypoints is available as an iFlightPlanner Premium feature. Those names will then show up in your navigation logs rather than the lat/lon as it currently does for iFlightPlanner Free members.

To your second point, the Cockpit Document that we create after you complete the Flight Wizard is a step in this direction, but is my understanding correct that you would like to see an "A/FD Quick Reference" of the airports that are along your route (within a certain corridor width) with just the basic airport info for each? Sequential or alphabetical order?

We appreciate the suggestion and look forward to talking more!


Andy Matthews
Co-Founder, Director of Business Development
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