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I am having some problems with the x-life flightplanner. When I am trying to send a flight plan to the ATC I get the following error; flight plan error (route tags) segment error -please check that the navdata is correct with both fms, flight planner and the x life. What is wrong?
-I have the latest AIRAC and navdata from navigraph both in the X-life plugin folder, on the simbrief site online and in the custom data.
-I have also downloaded the sceneries from the supported fmc airport list from the jardesign website.
What am I missing or doing wrong to get the error while trying to load a flight plan to the ATC?

Please help.

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Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews
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Hi John,

It sounds like you're confusing iFlightPlanner with xFlightPlanner, a flight planning resource specific to the X-Plane flight simulator... we do not support xFlightPlanner, however you are able to connect X-Plane with iFlightPlanner and have iFlightPlanner for iPad behave as if it's flying in the virtual cockpit with you. There is a post on the iFlightPlanner Blog here that shows you how:


Flight plans filed with iFlightPlanner will go to the FAA and the respective real-world Flight Service Station (FSS) or controlled airport, but will not find their way to the various sim ATC networks.

Please let us know how else we can help!


Andy Matthews
Co-Founder, Director of Business Development
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