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Let us know what feature additions and improvements would make iFlightPlanner a better resource for you!

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A few suggestions for webpage version some of which also apply to the new
(NICE) iPad version.

Bug? or unexplained behaviors
1. Sync cause app shutdown

Aircraft Information > CG Envelopes
1. Ability to copy CG envelope from other CG envelopes
2. Ability to share/send CG envelope among users with and without group
3. Ability to define or derive an area outside of the CG envelope on
the graphic depiction

Pilot Log
1. Generally derive info from planned or filed flight plan and fill in
dependent or related fields. i.e.; Total duration of flight = hours in
category and class = solo or PIC, validate day + night= duration of flight,
2. Highlight values that may require pilot to sanity check derived
values. i.e., flight to a destination can imply at least 1 landing, flight
during hours of darkness can imply some day/night hours. Sanity check all
values, i.e.; duration of flight 1.0, # landings 120, it is not likely
these 2 conditions could exist on one flight.
3. Derive aircraft type from a/c info/tail number
4. Add ability to define "other" field labels at pilot/account/aircraft
5. Ability to define time type by local, destination, Zulu, with
conversions as necessary (this might be in the new version)
6. Add ability to define type of instrument approach and the specific
approach i.e.; SFO ILS 28R
7. Add hold time
8. Ability to capture approach conditions, i.e.; actual IMC, approach
to mins, missed approach (the above data could be included in notes, but the
desire to answer the question, "when did I last perform an NDB approach to
minimums?" or "what % of the approaches do I perform precision vs.
non-precision approaches?")
9. Capture actual route vs. planned route, include "as flown" criteria
similar to a/c performance values for future use as "actual" pilot
experienced performance. Include ability to categorize flight IFR/VFR as
planned/actual experiences will vary depending upon the type of flight.
10. Add fields for passengers, purpose of flight
(personal/business/charity) capture costs like fuel and landing fees.
11. Add other aircraft performance documentation like cruise power
setting, fuel flows, fuel used, fuel added, noted squawks, engine temps, oil
used/added, etc. This data should be available to the aircraft/tail number
area to analyze aircraft usage and trends.

Use of screen real estate
1. Tighten use of the screen, move input and result areas to further up
on the screen
2. Add/move next step buttons towards top of screen
3. Once a field is filled completely advance to next field

Flight Planning Wizard
Route > Flight Basics
1. Routing - Jet Route Auto-Routing, help pilot select a SID/Star which
makes sense, example SJC to CMA
a. May want to adopt a term High Altitude Airway vs. Jet Route
b. Why does route only appear when Basic Nav log is selected?
2. Validate altitude selected against type of routing, sids, stars,
3. From where does default cruise altitude come? Mine is stuck at 6500
4. Alert when appropriate Coded Departure Routes and/or Preferred
Routes exist
5. Allow toggle between Navigation Log Detailed/Basic
6. Allow Pilot default preference for NavLog version, Routing,
Departure time,
7. Change "Departure Date" To "Planned Departure". Departure Date
doesn't make sense when selecting "Hrs/Mins from now"
8. Position Favorites Airport popup within the field of view or the
existing window
9. Add winds aloft to be used in route selection and altitude
calculations (let the app pick/recommend altitude base on pilot preference).
10. Add fuel stop planning similar to AirNav but as part of route
planning. Fuel stop parameters to consider, fuel type, Full/self- service,
hours of operation, leg lengths in distance and/or time, runway types and
length, approaches and types, type of airport
controlled/uncontrolled/public/private, distance from route, fuel prices.
Include other airport service, lounge, restaurants, FSS, Flight planning
work area, etc. Wizard should recommend when fuel stop should be considered
based on pilot preferences for fuel reserves, VFR/IFR flight plans, FAR part
requirements, weather conditions
11. Planning logic should extend to alternate airports considering IFR
alternate planning requirements.
12. Auto capitalize all airport and waypoints in flight plan
13. Provide routing options which would allow tailoring of routes to
avoid routes. Examples, avoid MOA, Class B, extended overwater operations,
areas of IFR conditions

Flight Plan changes
1. Allow waypoints to be deleted on map view and Navlog view with
2. Allow Navlog to display all waypoints or fit to available screen
size as a default

Data Manager
1. iPad app should download updates automatically with the following
pilot defined options
a. Auto Update (Y/N)
b. Types of data & Regions to autoupdate (change selection to
c. Regionalize states into 4 to 6 region for continental US.
d. On battery power (Y/N)
e. Network connection Wi-Fi (Y/N)
f. Secure Network (Y/N)
g. Network connection 4G (and others as they become available) (Y/N)
2. Auto sync with similar criteria as download criteria above
3. Reminder to sync when changes are made on iPad

1. Change course line to a color not otherwise used in the map
depictions, black line blends in with IFR charts.
2. Bug? Some Airmets/Sigmets don't clear off of map on iPad.

Flight Plan
1. Default in the N number
2. Bring in Aircraft and Pilot info
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John Burnside
John Burnside
Posts: 219

Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and requests in our forum! We also received your list via e-mail and have added it to our review list for our next development planning session.

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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When in map mode, when you press (i) for information on an airport, then you select Frequencies & Documents, and then select under Instrument Approach an RNAV (GPS) RWY... I see you have a very nice top view with the moving airplane icon the shows you position on the top view of the approach. Is it possible you can add a second moving airplane icon on the side view of the approach as well?
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John Burnside
John Burnside
Posts: 219

Thanks for your post! At Oshkosh, we introduced iFlightPlanner for iPad v2.2, including georeferenced airport diagrams and approach plates, which is the "top view" you are referring to.

We did have a couple other members inquire about georeferencing the horizontal view of the approach as well. While that feature is not currently on our product roadmap, our development priorities are always driven by member feedback and requests, so we've noted your "vote" for this feature!

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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