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I am trying to select a route using satellite imagery. After selecting turn points, When I replan the route the turn point positions move
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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18 days ago
Thanks for your post! First, please accept our apologies for the delay in response. In a review today, we found a few forum posts had failed to generate a notification to our team.

We work in conjunction with 1800wxbrief.com to generate detailed navigation logs and the lat/lon waypoints in their flight planning engine are currently limited to degrees and minutes only. So the waypoints are losing some precision when processed into the detailed navigation log, which is why they are shifting a touch.

Their team is looking at ways to increase the available precision, which would eliminate the issue.

For this situation, we also recommend using our Custom Locations feature. You may click anywhere on the map, then click "Save As" at the top left of the popup box to create a Custom Location (for example "NE_Crystal_Lake" or "River_Crossing"). Using these in your flight route will guarantee the precision of the waypoint will be retained.

Please let us know if we can help further!
edited by John Burnside on 6/23/2020

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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