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Change request: Change Location Services Access from "Always to "While Using" so save battery on the backup iPad.

Justification: I use two iPads for navigation. One is active while the other is used as a backup. Before each flight, I start the app and make sure I have the latest database update as well as flight plans synchronized. The backup iPad goes back in the bag while the primary one goes in the yoke cradle. After a three hours of flight time, the battery levels on the active iPad and the backup one are similar(ie drained). It looks like the app is using GPS constantly even though it's not being used(I usually leave the iPad on the home screen). Prior to switching to iFlightPlanner app, I used Garmin Pilot which did not drain the battery on the backup iPad. The ONLY difference I can see between the two apps is the access level in "Location Services" settings. Garmin lets you choose between "Always" and "While Using" while iFlightPlanner has "Always" only.

Steven Yampolsky aka "Sammy"
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