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Help: I use iFlightplanner for my desktop flight planning and for creating the navlogs I use for all of my cross country flights. Once in the plane, I've been an Android guy, and my flying software has been Avilution. That software product was re-branded as FlightPro about a year ago. Now it seems the company has gone belly up. I want to stay with my Android tablet because of all the other apps I have installed and for compatibility with my phone (also Android) but I am shopping for a new flight planning and situational awareness app. Is there any hope that iFlightPlanner will offer an Android version? I might even use paper charts for a while if there was some reason to hope for an Android version of this product. If not, I'll go for plan B.
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Thanks for your post!

We have seen an increase in interest in an Android version of iFlightPlanner. However, to be candid, we do not currently have official plans to build a version for Android.

As we've shared with others, it's just a very large undertaking to completely rewrite and maintain the software for another platform. In our case, it would be a third platform in parallel to the web and iOS.

We know that's not the answer you are looking for and we apologize for that.

Thanks for your continued support of iFlightPlanner!
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John Burnside
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