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Airports that show up in some places don't show up in others.

Plan a trip from KNEW to KEDC with a cheapskate fuel stop in Taylor Tx T74.

Adding T74 as custom routing fails.

Snapping the course line from KNEW to KEDC and selecting "snap to airport" shows T74. However, upon re-calculating, T74 is deleted from the plan.

T74 appears to be in the database used by parts of IFP, but not in the route planner.

Have seen this once before with another airfield.
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Thanks for your post!

This is a known issue that we've had a few members ask about. Our detailed navigation logs are generated in real-time using services provided by CSC DUATS. Unfortunately, their route planner attempts to process waypoints that start with a letter followed by two numbers (e.g. L35, T74) as airways only. When it doesn't find an airway matching that identifier, it skips over the waypoint, leaving it out of the navigation log.

We have a formal request in asking them to correct this bug and correctly differentiate between airway identifiers (e.g. V12, J6) and airport identifiers (e.g. L35, T74) or to correctly look for a matching airport if an airway is not found. However, we have not been provided a timeline for a fix.

For now, the simplest fix is to use route-rubberbanding to drag your route right to the airport, but rather than snapping to the airport as a waypoint (i.e. T74), simply leave the waypoint as a latitude/longitude. The navigation log will handle this without issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience!
edited by John Burnside on 3/17/2015

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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