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Post technical support questions for the iFlightPlanner Crew to answer. We always want to know if our members are experiencing any issues.

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Just started using the service and am very impressed!

Which is why I'm puzzled that the "flight documents" section there are information blocks that have space for frequencies but don't show them (for KDXR for example).

Am I missing an option I should select somewhere? It shows CTAF and Unicom, but not Twr and GND frequencies.


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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the heads up! We did some quick investigation and found a software bug in our Flight Document frequency display. You should now see the correct frequencies in the Flight Document.

We always want to know if our members our experiencing any technical issue or noticing strange behavior and will do whatever it takes to get the bottom of the issue!

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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