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With modern avionics, it has become possible to enter flight plans by entering airways. The iFlightPlanner is very good at determining the preferred routing when using the auto route function in the wizard. The result is a string that contains airways instead of airway fixes. This same string is what one needs to enter into modern GPS like GTN650 or IFD440. The problem is, the string is not available in the pilot printout(at least I did not find it there). I have to manually copy the string onto the print out. It would be great that the abbreviated flight plan string entered in the flight routing box would also be part of the print out.

Steven Yampolsky aka "Sammy"
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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Over the weekend, we launched the latest version of iFlightPlanner.com. The Flight Document now includes the route text directly below the map on the second page of the document.

The update also included the ability to export flight plans to X-Plane's FMS format and Garmin's GFP format. The GFP format is compatible with the GTN 625, 635, 650, 725 and 750 models running software version 5.10 or later. Please note that if using a GFP file, it needs to be saved to a folder on the root of the SD card named "FPL," which is where the GTN models will look for the file.

If you have a chance to test out the new GFP export, please post back here and let us know it goes!

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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