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Bad Elf GPS for Lightning

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The Bad Elf GPS is the best selling Apple approved external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to the Lightning (8-PIN) connector on the iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini providing high performance GPS data to all location-based iOS applications, including iFlightPlanner for iPad. The Bad Elf GPS delivers high performance location awareness through a 66 Channel, 10 Hz capable, WAAS compatible (SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS) GPS receiver. The unit feeds latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed, and universal time into the Core Location Services of the iOS device.

Features include:

• Fast GPS lock times (45 seconds or less)
• Accurate to 9 FT up to 1000 MPH and 60,000 ft
• Up to 10Hz position update rate
• 66 channel WAAS/SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS chipset
• Directly plugs into the Apple 30-pin connector port
• Micro USB pass through power port
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