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Simple Flight Planning

Simple Flight Planning

Plan routes using aviation charts and Google Maps, including RADAR, satellite and enroute weather visualization.

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Integrated Flight Planning

Integrated Flight Planning and Filing

Generate detailed flight nav logs, retrieve certified weather briefs, file flight plans and sync to your iPad for in-flight reference.

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iPad Flight Planning

iPad Flight Planning

iFlightPlanner for iPad is your all-in-one EFB. Complete flight planning, GPS moving map, cockpit voice recorder and digital logbook.

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Easy-to-use Flight Planning Tools for United States Pilots

iFlightPlanner provides unparalleled flight planning in 4 easy steps from any web browser or web-enabled mobile device. Use iFlightPlanner to:

  • Plan and explore flight routes with seamless IFR/VFR aviation charts and true route rubberbanding on a Google Maps interface
  • View enroute aviation weather, including animated RADAR, color-coded, translated METARs and TAFs, TFRs and graphical AIR/SIGMETs
  • Retrieve certified weather briefs
  • Perform weight & balance calculations in seconds
  • File & close FAA flight plans
  • View complete airport information
  • Log flights info into your online logbook

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Connecting X-Plane to iFlightPlanner for iPad, The Details

The iFlightPlanner Installation & Setup Guide describing how to connect with X-Plane with iFlightPlanner for iPad was a little soft on the details, so we're offering some clarification for our iFlightPlanner Premium members who are taking advantage of this functionality that's included in their memberships.
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FAA Airport, Navigation & Chart Data Available for 3/5 Cycle

iFlightPlanner for iPad users may now download airport and navigation data as well as aeronautical charts, airport diagrams and terminal procedures for the FAA Data Cycle that goes into effect on March 5, 2015.
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Logbook Customization Features & Water Landings Tracker

Did you know that you can now customize your logbook categories in iFlightPlanner? Check out the latest iFlightPlanner QuickTip to see how you can make your logbook fit your flying.
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