iFlightPlanner on Desktop, iPad and iPhone

Helping U.S. pilots build better flight plans from any device.

Easy-to-use Flight Planning Tools for United States Pilots

iFlightPlanner provides unparalleled, intuitive flight planning from any web browser (mobile or desktop), iPad, or iPhone. Use iFlightPlanner to:

  • Plan and explore U.S. flight routes with seamless IFR/VFR aviation charts and true route rubberbanding on a Google Maps interface
  • View enroute aviation weather, including animated RADAR, color-coded, translated METARs and TAFs, TFRs and graphical AIR/SIGMETs
  • Retrieve FAA regulatory compliant weather briefs
  • Perform weight & balance calculations in seconds
  • File & close FAA flight plans
  • View complete U.S. airport information
  • Log flights info into your online logbook

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Navigating Identical VOR and Airport Identifiers in iFlightPlanner

iFlightPlanner allows precise flight planning from VORs by adding "/V" to the identifier, distinguishing it from airports with the same three-character IATA code during flight planning.
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Understanding IFR Flight Plans: Why Changes Can't Be Made Within 46 Minutes

When operating under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), pilots must file a flight plan that cannot be amended or canceled within 46 minutes of departure - but why?
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Major Sporting & Entertainment Events in July 11 Notices

In anticipation of the large number of aircraft operating to and from areas hosting major sporting and entertainment events, the FAA has published updated procedures in its July 11, 2024 Domestic Notices to enhance safety and minimize air traffic delays.
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