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Airport Facility Directory (A/FD)

View official FAA data about US airport facilities, including facility location, communications, runways, remarks and more.

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Aviation Charts on Google Maps

Perform simple flight planning on our free aviation charts with Google Maps. Includes complete weather and airspace overlays.

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Flight Instructor Directory

iFlightPlanner's flight instructor directory helps you easily locate qualified flight instructors near you.

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METAR & TAF Translator

Easily decode aviation METARs and TAFs into color-coded, plain language information with iFlightPlanner's METAR & TAF Translator.

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Coded Departure Route Lookup

Easily find FAA route definitions for US Coded Departure Routes between any two airports.

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Preferred Route Lookup

Easily find FAA preferred routes, including Tower Enroute Control routes, between any two US airports.

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