Aviation Data Services & API

Explore our aviation API and data feed services.

Aviation Chart Map Tile Service

iFlightPlanner updates our aviation chart imagery with every 56-day AIRAC data cycle. Learn about incorporating our U.S. Sectional, Terminal Area, IFR Low, and IFR High chart tilesets into your aviation or mapping application.

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Business, FBO, & Fuel Price Data

iFlightPlanner tracks business info and retail aviation fuel prices, including 100LL, JET A, JET A (FSII), MOGAS, and UL94, for over 3,400 U.S. FBOs and fuel vendors. Learn more about using our business and fuel price data in your applications.

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Other Aviation Data

Looking for other aviation data? We can create custom solutions to provide data to your business or software applications. Contact us today to share more info about your needs!