Happy Halloween to the aviation community!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 4:19 PM

As much as we love spending all our time creating great flight planning and aviation software, we took a little break this halloween weekend to carve some pumpkins.  Hope all members of the aviation community enjoyed this Halloween!

Also, here's a couple Halloween treats (aka new features) for all our members:

Favorite Routes: Create unlimited favorite routes with from, to, route, altitude and more.  Whenever you're ready to plan that route again, one click from your Account Home screen will reload all the information. 

Logging Flights: For iFlightPlanner Premium members, you can now log flights into your iFlightPlanner logbook that were not originally planned with iFlightPlanner.  We had a lot of requests for this feature, and now it's here.  Just click "Log A Flight" from your logbook.