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I specialize in tailwheel instruction/endorsements. Also private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and initial CFI training. I am a high-time seasoned CFI with over 10k hours of experience, including more than 6k of dual given.

Experienced at troubleshooting problems of low-time pilots experiencing issues with flight techniques. My background includes initial flight training in J-3 Cubs, followed by the standard Cessna/Piper aircraft, and unique airplanes including antiques and homebuilts.

Former Navy attack pilot. Experience includes flying low-powered light planes, high-performance aircraft, aerobatics, mountain flying, high-density altitude operations, backcountry flying, and flying in highly congested airspace.

Not affiliated with any flight schools or clubs - independent contractor - on the search for a good tailwheel airplane to purchase and use in instruction. Check-in with leads and check back on my progress acquiring one.


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