FAA Announces Plan to Replace WACs

Monday, November 9, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

The FAA has announced a new plan to ensure that pilots have all the information they need as the agency phases out world aeronautical charts (WACs), with new Alaska and Caribbean charts being created to fill the gaps.

In an October 29 announcement, the FAA said it will produce an Alaska VFR Wall Planning Chart to help pilots as they plan long-distance flights. The wall chart will show all of Alaska as well as the Canadian territory between Washington State and Alaska. The FAA also will produce two new Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts that will provide more coverage than is available with the three WACs they will replace. The scale for the Caribbean charts will be 1 to 1 million.

The new charts should be available in early January 2017, when the existing WACs for those areas expire.

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