Super Bowl LI NOTAMS and Information

Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

In anticipation of a large number of aircraft operating in the Houston, Texas area during the week of Super Bowl LI, the following special air traffic procedures will be used to minimize air traffic delays and enhance safety.

Temporary routes have been instituted into/out of the Houston Terminal area to optimize the traffic flow for the Houston satellite airports.  These temporary routings are designed to increase the efficiency of the Houston TRACON airspace minimize air traffic delays.  Note that some normal arrival and departure routes will not be available within 350nm of the Houston Terminal Airspace between Thursday, February 2 and Monday, February 6th.  The preferred arrival and departures routes that have been modified for this event are defined below for the airports within 60nm of NRG Stadium.  Airports that are not listed in the Preferred Arrival and Departure Routes should file and can expect normal arrival and departure routings.

IFR airborne filings within the terminal area should not be expected. IFR changes of destination will not be granted within 350nm of the Houston Terminal Airspace except in emergency situations.  Duplicate flight plans (same time/call sign) to multiple airport destinations are subject to removal from the system.

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