iOS 8.3 GPS Accessory Bug

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

There is a nasty bug in iOS 8.3 which blocks position information coming from Bluetooth GPS devices.  The symptom is that your GPS looks like it is working, but your apps do not show your location - not all apps are affected, but most are.  

The problem affects the XGPS150, XGPS160 and XGPS170 from Dual as well as Bluetooth GPS devices from other manufacturers such as Bad Elf and Garmin.  Greg Lukins, Vice President of Business Development at Dual Electronics said, "We have contacted Apple, filed a bug report and they are aware of the issue.  Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for a fix but they are treating it as a priority."

In the meantime, some users are getting around the bug by turning off Location Services, rebooting the iOS device, and turning Location Services back on.  "It's not a surefire workaround and it's not working for everybody," added Lukins.  "For those who have yet to install the iOS 8.3 update it is recommended that you wait until Apple releases an updated version of the iOS."