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Marco Caflisch
NAFI - National Association of Flight Instructors
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Advanced Flyers; Sundance Flying Club
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane
Advanced Ground
High Performance
Tail Wheel
Airplane Single Engine Sea

About Marco

I'm passionate about flying and sharing its excitement and adventure with others. My mission is to train safe, skillful and professionally-minded pilots by providing individually tailored, high quality, fun flight instruction. Welcome to the skies, and happy landings!

I started flying in England almost 20 years ago and received my Private Pilot License before I'd taken my first driving lesson. I now hold Flight Instructor (Airplane Single and Multi Engine, Instrument), Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Multi Engine Land, Instrument), and Advanced Ground Instructor licenses, having built up experience in over 50 different airplane types along the way.

I enjoy a wide variety of flying, from taildragger aerobatics to seaplanes to IFR in high performance twins. Every flight and every airplane offers an opportunity to learn something new- this is just one of the many aspects of aviation that I find so alluring and enjoy sharing with students.

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