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Started a flight school years ago which later merged with a larger Part 141 school and built up about 1200 hours instructing in numerous SEL and MEL aircraft while teaching classroom ground school courses for all ratings. I started a part 135 company with some airplanes and flew as chief pilot transporting cargo daily along with an air taxi operation flying mostly cabin class twins. Later I flew a year as a captain for Scenic Airlines in Las Vegas doing Grand Canyon Tours and other part 135/121 work. I then got hired flying as captain on corporate jets for various Las Vegas Hotel Casinos: MGM Studios and Grand Casinos (8 years – Bob Hope & Dean Martin’s Pilot), Ballys Hotel Casinos, and Herbst-Collins. I have worked part time instructing since 1976 with the last 12 years flying and instructing in Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond Stars, and Senecas initially out of Van Nuys and El Monte and currently out of Torrance airport. This last year and a half I have been instructing a couple hundred h


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