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Can you get details on TFRs, Restricted, MOAs, etc Messages in this topic - RSS

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24 days ago
On some flight planning software, there is a way to get details about TFRs, Restricted area, MOAs, etc, by clicking, or touching, the area in question. Is there a way to do this with iFlightPlanner? I haven't found out how.
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John Burnside
John Burnside
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18 days ago
Thanks for your post! First, our apologies for the delay in response. In a review today, we found a few forum posts that did not properly generate notifications to our team.

You can absolutely get details about TFRs, Restricted Areas, MOAs, and other airspace types, including AIR/SIGMETs and Class Airspace, in iFlightPlanner.

In fact, here is recent blog post about getting TFR information, but it applies to all airspace types as well:

iFlightPlanner Blog: How to Identify and Access Airspace Definitions for TFRs

Please let us know if we can help further!

John Burnside
Co-Founder, Director of Technology
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